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Jeremy Werner

For Jeremy Werner, functional exercise is more than just the latest fitness buzzword. It's his philosophy for training real people – athletically – for their real lives.

An athlete himself, Jeremy knows firsthand the benefits that come from training like an athlete. He spent over four years playing professional football. And as the Assistant Coach for Fredericktown High School's football team, he continues to build on his 10 years of sports conditioning experience.

Jeremy's training and certification includes:

  • International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer — a certification considered the gold standard in 84 countries
  • Apex Body Bugg Certified Instructor
  • Training/Coaching for 9 years
  • Personal trainer for 9 years
  • Level 2 Underground Strength Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • Fitness business owner for 7 years
  • Holds certification in both CPR and First Aid

My whole life I've struggled with body image issues and eating disorders. All that changed after I started working with Jeremy. Our workouts are intense but fun. He even helped me create a meal plan that I actually enjoy! Jeremy has helped me change my views about my body and what "healthy" really means for me.